8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers

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8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers

Introduction :

If you are a pitbull parent and you need to get your pittie a toy, we have got you covered. We collected for you a list of the best dog toys for pit bulls. Keep reading. We will help you make the right decision.

Pit bulls are the most understood animals. They are seen as aggressive and harsh. However, if you are a pit bull parent you must know they have a soft. In fact, pit bulls are incredibly fun, lovable, and impressive dogs.

Regardless of that soft spot, we can’t deny those babies from their medals of murderously chewing stuff to demise. That is why every pit bull parent knows exactly that their babies need something that can stand against those chewing champions.

That is why you always need to go straight for the strong stuff when getting something for a pit bull. Those dogs are going to speedily terminate the most common dog toys. In addition, some pit bulls will go beyond to tearing apart your car/couch/bomb-shelter id left unsupervised.

This must not be surprising for you. As we all know pit bulls have a legendary reputation for being extremely destructive. They are also known for being overly hyperactive. You should be aware that these undesirable behaviors must be managed.

As a matter of fact, these undesirable behaviors can be controlled with the right training and the right toys. Unfortunately, pit bulls are not the gentlest dog with their toys. This results in you getting a brand new toy every other day. In other words, you will go bankrupt.

Therefore, it is important to find the right and the most suitable toys for your pitbull.  Every dog breed has its special needs. For example, your pit bull’s toy basket should contain both stimulating and durable.

We have accumulated a list of the most suitable toys for pit bulls in the market. This will help you get your pitbull what s/he needs precisely.

Best Dog Toys for Pit Bulls :

Top 1
Aikiou Dog Bowl Interactive toy
Top 2
StarkMark Everlasting Rope Toy
Top 3
Goughnuts Maxx Chew Toy

Best Chew Toys For Pitbulls :

1- KONG Extreme Goodie Bone :

Since pit bulls have monstrous champers, we saw that a toy from the KONG toy line would perfect. This famous manufacturer is known for their durable dog toys. We picked their Extreme Goodie Bone as our first choice as it is one of their most durable products.

This bone is made from KONG’s legendary Extreme Black Rubber. This dog toy is built to stand up to the strength of your pit bull’s fangs.

The fact that the toy is shaped like bone makes it appealing to pit bulls. The toy leaves space where you can stuff treats or flavored pastes in.

Pros :

  • It comes in an appealing shape.
  • It has compartments at each end to be stuffed.
  • It is available in both medium and large sizes.
  • It is made in the USA.

Cons :

  • Some costumers have said that it couldn’t stand to their dog’s jaws (however, the complaint is so rare.)
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 18 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 2

2- Goughnuts Maxx 50 Stick :

The other manufacturer that is known for its super-durable chew toys is Goughnuts. Their product, the Maxx 50 Stick, is the toughest item in their product line.

Most Goughnuts chew toys have a unique two-color warning system. This helps owners to tell when the toy should be taken off. the Maxx 50 Stick features this system too.

If the toy displays the colors green and black, it’s okay your pit bull can keep playing with it. However, if the toy displays the color red, take the toy off. This color means that the bone is no longer considered safe to play with.

Pros :

  • It can float (you can take it with you to the pool, beach, or lake.)
  • It is super durable.
  • It is large enough for pit bulls.
  • It is made in the USA.

Cons :

  • Some dogs didn’t like its flavor.
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 38 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 4

Best Interactive Toys :

1- GameChanger- The Ultimate Toy for Dogs :

The GameChanger is one of the best toys to keep your pitbull busy and stimulate your pup at the same time. Although the toy might seem extremely easy for humans. It will be challenging four your pitbull.

First off, open up the GameChanger. then fill with your pup’s favorite kibble or any tiny treats. Your pitbull will be working hard to figure out how to get the treats out. They will be happily occupied.

This is an ideal toy to stimulate your pup mentally. Also, make her/him work hard for their food. In addition, this toy is amazing if you can’t stay home longer with your dog. It prevents your pit bull from developing boredom or anxiety.

Pros :

  • It is durable.
  • It helps with boredom and anxiety.
  • It is washable (only hand wash.)
  • It comes in 4 different colors.
  • It is designed for breeds like pit bulls.

Cons :

  • For some figuring it out won’t be a hard task.
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 58 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 6

2- Aikiou Dog Bowl :

The Aikiou Interactive toy is a slow dog feeder. This type of toys helps to manage your pit bulls’ weight. This type of toys is highly recommended. As a matter of fact, every dog of any breed needs one.

The bright side of this toy is that is more than a dog slow feeder. the Aikiou, it is pronounced like the word “IQ”, is a puzzle feeder. Pit bulls need puzzles because they provide them with mental stimulation.

Puzzles force your pit bull to use her/his intellectual skills. With the Aikiou feeder, you can hide your dog’s food and let your pup work her/his way through it.

As we all know, instinctually, dogs are used to burying part of their prey after hunting. Pitbulls are no different. This toy has a rotating lid so your pit bull can dig and search. To put into perspective, it fulfills your dog’s digging instinct.

Pros :

  • It helps reducing ingestion speed.
  • It helps to prevent bloating.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This dog feeder can contain up to two and a 2/1 cups of food.
  • It will be entertaining for your pitbull.

Cons :

  • It can be easy (again, some dogs are born naturally smarter than others.)
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 78 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 8

Best Plush and Squeak Toys :

1- West Paw Rowdies Lincoln Squeaky Plush Toy :

The Zogoflex Rowdies Lincoln comes from the West Paw’s. in fact, this toy belongs to their award-winning durable, plush toys for dogs, collection.

Regarding its aware, we can say that is one of the sturdiest squeaky soft toys. This toy is built for your pit bull’s rough play. The toy is perfectly sized for pit bulls. It is a great eco-friendly choice.

The toy is completely safe. It is made from non-toxic, recycled materials. It is sturdy yet soft. It will give your pit bull the emotional security s/he needs.

Pros :

  • It is super durable.
  • It is washable (hand washing and machine washing.)
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It is soft and fun to play with.
  • It is safe.
  • It is both a squeaky and plush toy.
  • It is made in the USA.

Cons :

  • There were some complaints about its durability.
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 98 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 10

2- GoDog Furballz Guard Squeaky Plush Dog Toy :

The GoDog Furballz Chew Guard is a purple dog fluffy ball. it is cute and an addictive plush squeaky toy. It designed to provide your pitbull hours of interactive and solo fun playtime.

This fluffy toy is cute and soft. However, it is sturdy to stand toy your pit bull’s fans at the same time. This toy is made using Go Dog’s proprietary Chew Guard Technology. This manufacturing process adds a strong, durable liner to the GoDog’s fluffy ball.

Every seam is double stitched. It is reinforced to ensure that this toy will last through countless games of fetch with your pitbull. This duality of tough and soft, gives your pup the emotional security, s/he needs.

It is cuddly and snuggly. At the same time, it contains a squeaking device. This one makes sure to capture your dog’s attention.

Pros :

  • This toy is a plush, squeaky, and an interactive toy.
  • It keeps your dog busy.
  • It is cuddly.
  • It is soft yet durable.
  • It is well-made.
  • It has a built-in squeaker.

Cons :

  • There are a couple complaints that it couldn’t survive.
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 118 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 12

Best rope toys :

1- StarkMark Everlasting Fun Ball on a Rope Dog Toy :

This toy is a combination of a ball and a rope. It comes from Starmark. This manufacturer uses the expertise of pet behavior specialists. They make that their designed products nurture natural needs.

The products of this toy line are brought forth as useful and unique. Their best and most popular item is their Everlasting Fun Ball on A Rope toy. This Starmark’s toy features two games in one.

The ball is extremely light weighted. At the same time, it will bounce like any other ball. It can float also. However, it is indestructible. On the other side, the rope is designed with durable nylon rope.

It is perfect for tug of war games. In addition, you can fill the ball with your pup’s favorite treats.

Pros :

  • The bull can float bounces and it is sturdy.
  • It is both a rope toy with a bull attached to it a knotted nylon rope.
  • The rope is durable.
  • You can put treats inside it.

Cons :

  • The ball is small.
  • The rope couldn’t survive some dogs.
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 138 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 14

2- Mammoth Cotton Blend Rope 3 knot :

This rope from Mammoth is made from premium materials. It has an eye-cashing fun shape. The size suits your pitbull perfectly. As you pal is chewing on it, the rope’s fibers will floss your pit bull’s teeth.

This rope is safe, long-lasting and great for so many games like tug of war. You can just let your pitbull chew on it. At the same time, you can play fetching with it too.

This rope is built strong. This way it will survive your champion chewer. In addition, this rope is perfect if you have a teething puppy.

Pros :

  • It is made from 100% natural cotton.
  • The rope fibers floss the dog’s teeth.
  • It is durable.
  • It is safe.
  • It helps teething puppies.

Cons :

  • It couldn’t survive some dogs.
8 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 158 Best Dog Toys For Pit Bulls [2021] : Durable For Chewers 16

Buying guide For Pit Bulls Toys :

It is so fun to have a pit bull. Especially, that there are a lot of fun activities to do with a pit bull.  However, it is important to give your Pit Bull plenty of opportunities to satisfy his needs. Pit bulls need to run fast, jump high, tug hard, and solve problems. Pit bulls are a creative, capable, and compassionate creature.

There are a couple of features that the toy you will get for your pitbull should have. The features vary from strength to size and materials. This buying guide you will find all of the aspects covered. We hope this would help you get your pitbull the perfect toys s/he needs.

First step: what type of play you want?

It is important to think about what type of play does your dog like. It is the first thing to consider. For example, if your dog likes playing with balls what’s the point to get her/him a rubber bone.

Although not every two dogs are the same. Every single dog is different. However, speaking in general, most pit bulls like fetching and balls. Thus, try to look for something that has a ball. Getting a rope with a ball would be a nice idea.

The rope will help you throw the ball as a far as you can. This way you fulfill his need to run long distance. Also, pit bulls like tug-of-war games and chewing.

Your pitbull must enjoy his time play. It is not a duty on your dog to play. Toys must entrain and please your dog. The first clue you have is to work on what s/he likes.

Second step: can this toy stand to my pit bull’s jaws?

With a pit bull, durability is highly important. Every single toy, you get, needs to be super durable. We have already talked about how strong are your pit bull’s jaws. This aspect is tricky. How on earth would you know if it can survive your pit bull or not.

Well, here is a tip. Make sure to purchase toys that are heavy-duty and designed for dogs with strong jaws. Usually, they write thing with a bald on the toy.

Those toys tend to be a little bit pricy. However, think about it. If you are getting a toy every day and another, it will cost you way more. So, save smarter.

However, keep in mind that there is no indestructible toy or a toy that lasts forever. Especially if your dog likes it. The more your pit bull will be playing with it. The faster it will get destroyed.

Concerning pit bulls, ideal toys will tend to last up to a month. plays with it a lot.

Third step: what are the materials of the toy?

To get a durable toy, you need you a toy made of the finest materials. If the toy isn’t made of the right material, it wouldn’t last long. Pit bulls tend to be hyperactive and bold. They a lot of activities.

It is not just about playing. You have to provide them with a variety of play. Toys should live up to your pooch’s playstyle. toys also must withstand the strength of the pit bull’s teeth and jaw. To do so, you got three types of material :

1- Rubber :

The best option is rubber. Technically, It is the toughest material. It is sturdy as it takes a lot of effort to chew it off. Toys that are made of rubber tend to be amazing for fetching and rolling around in the mud.

Rubber also feels good on your pit bull’s teeth and gums. it is the best toy material for teething puppies. It preserves their teeth and satisfies their need to chew. Rubber can be washed easily. This allows you to get rid of mud and drool.

2- Rope :

Since Pitbulls love playing tug-of-war, the rope is a nice material to look for. The rope tends to be sturdy, durable and lasts a long time. You better know that rope will not last forever. In comparison with other materials, rope won’t cause choking hazards.

3- Nylon :

The other material that stands against pit bulls’ jaws is nylon. Although nylon isn’t as strong as rubber. It not going to hold up against strong jaws like the pit bulls. However, it is way better than other types of materials in the market.

If your pitbull is not power chewers, then go ahead nylon is for you my friend. Besides, there are some dogs who do not like rubber or rope.

Thus, you should look for toys with reinforced nylon. In addition, nylon is a popular Pitbull harness material. It can take a high level of abuse.

The fourth step; is this toy safe enough?

As much as toys must be fun and entertaining, the safety of a toy is a gamer changer. Safety always comes first. While you are checking for the material make sure it is safe.

Well, for natural rubber, it is safe and toxin-free. Besides, try to go for products that are made in the USA. they tend to be much safer than those toys made in other countries. In addition, if you see that the toy is no longer safe, take it off. It is time to replace it.

Fifth step: is it bigger/smaller than my pitbull?

The Pit bulls are a medium-sized dog. In other words, you must get a toy intended for medium-sized dogs and above. The size and the safety of a toy walk hand in hand. If you get your pup the wrong size, you are risking a choking hazard.

If a toy is too small, your pit bull may swallow it whole. To avoid that try to look at the measurements and dimensions of the toy. Then compare it to your dog’s mouth. If the toy can fit in whole, this toy isn’t suitable for your pitbull.

buying guide for pitbulls toys

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • What types of toys are best for my Pitbull?

No two dogs are the same. Each individual dog likes different types of toys. Generally speaking, Pit bulls like running fast, fetching, walking freebies, and tug-of-war. Plus, they need tougher toys than other dogs. So, just make sure that it is a durable toy.

  • Are there any completely 100% indestructible dog toys available?

Unfortunately, no. there is no indestructible dog toy. There are toys that last longer than others. That’s it.

  • Is one good toy enough, or do I need more?

One good toy would be better than two poor-quality toys. However, we recommend you get a couple of toys. Pit bulls are very intelligent dogs. Thus, they will get bored with just one toy and one type of plat. Try to get your pitbull different types of toys. Or one toy from each type.

  • Why do Pit bulls destroy their toys?

They are just like every dog. However, they are stronger. Even if they are gentle, they would destroy the toy.

  • My Pitbull has swallowed his toy, what do I do?

First of all, DO NOT PANIC. Evaluate the situation. If your dog is struggling to breathe or showing signs of discomfort, then, you must take him to the vet, immediately. If he isn’t and he is totally fine, then chill. Your pitbull will fine don’t worry. However, keep an eye on your up and his poop for the next few days. You find small toy parts in his/her poop. If not, you can just call your vet.

Conclusion :

Here are the best dog toys for pit bulls. As you have seen a pit bull is not for everyone. You need to make sure that you can create a suitable environment for your pitbull.

Like any other dog, Pit bulls are fun in their own way. They like to have fun. However, they require their own stimulation time.  


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