Our Process For a Careful and Honest Review

Our Process For a Careful and Honest Review 1

Our Careful Review Commitments :

As a team/family we try to cover all your canine needs, yours too. Whether it’s a dog toy, training, method, or any dog-related product, we make well-structured research to gather exactly what you need. At Funadog we follow a gradual, languorous, and a remarkably subtle process.

We ensure that our information is comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate. we explore all the dog-related areas to deliver you experts’ knowledge in this niche a simple, fun way.

We love transparency as we believe that you should know how we work to help your purchase journey. Accordingly, we thought that you would love taking a look at our review process.

How We Collect Data :

  • We indulge in comprehensive category research.
  • We collect expert reviews.
  • We rely on customer feedback and experiences.
  • We take into consideration comments on other review sites and retailers such as Amazon, BBB, Yelp, etc.
  • We observe social media channels’ feedback.




Our Review Process :

In Progress (Research)

We look for the most suitable product for our clients

We make a research on what products are capturing the public’s attention and whare the best products out there we make our decision based on the quality, safety, claims and innovation.

We test the product

We do our best to obtain the product and test it ourselves if it is possible. This way we make sure that we are sharing with you our experience.


If not, we make intensive research on the product

We prioritize customers’ feedback. We read all the feedback of the customers to learn from their experiences. Also, to gather as much information as we can to finally make up our mind.

We make up our own view over the product

At this stage, we decide what we think about the product and have our own view on the product based on our own experience or customers’ feedback and reviews.

Doing (Writing...)

We write our reviews

At this point, we start writing our own reviews in well-detailed articles. We make sure our reviews are simple. We simplify for you the findings of our research.

Finally, we share with you our articles

In the end, we publish our reviews widely to benefit our readers as much as we can.

We work hard to engage constantly in all what matters to pet-owners and their dogs. We formed an environment of work ethic to be committed to our readers. Our constant exposure to this niche helped us create several inclusive, extensive, and unbiased reviews.

Online Review Sites, Are They Trustworthy?

As we value transparency, we value trust as well. We care that our readers trust us. We all doubt the internet. As you never know who is writing whether it is an authority or not. Reliability is always at risk with the internet.

To build trust with our readers, we make sure we provide you with a trustworthy source. Regardless of giving our online review site legitimacy, we want you to know that behind the screen there are real people who care about you and your dog.

Do you want to know whether you can trust online reviews? Here are some things to pursue when seeking legitimacy:

  • About Us page – who are the people that work for the company?
  • Contact Us page – in case you have a concern or an enquiry, can you approach them?
  • Disclosure Policy – how does this company make money? How do they react to feedback? do they indicate it?
  • Review criteria – how do they select their top products? – this one differs based on the category.

Do you still have gaps regarding our review process? Did you run into an ethical site? We encourage you to let us know what do you think by leaving your feedback. We will respond as quickly as we can.

We are glad you made it this far. We appreciate your interest in us. Thank you for reading. We wish you enjoy and appreciate our published content that we buckle down for.