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Top 12 Best Dog Toys Of 2021 That Are Durable & Fun To Play

Introduction :

Looking for the Best Dog Toys for your lovely little furry friend? We are here to help get your dog a new toy. Since no one toy is the best one ever.

Here is a list of the best outdoor and indoor dog toys for your puppy that will help you satisfy your pal.

Dogs and puppies love playing and chewing. These two things are instinctual for dogs. The role of toys is to satisfy those instincts and other needs.

Thus, a good dog toy will not only amuse your dog for some times. It does much more than that. If your dog destroys every single toy, you are choosing the wrong toy for your pet.

Choosing the perfect dog toy is very important. You don’t want to waste a lot of money on a toy that your puppy won’t get near it. Or worst, you lose money on a toy that won’t benefit your dog at all, might as well be harmful.

So, if your dog destroys every single toy, then you must understand that you have a power chewer at home. In this case, your dog needs a durable kong or something this strong.

Since it would probably take you, as a dog owner, ages to test all toys and brands on the market to find the best outdoor and indoor dog toy for your dog, in addition to being financially devastating, we have done that for you.

We have collected the best toys you can find out there. We have deeply reviewed them for you. then, we came out with this list of the best dog toy in each category in 2021. Hopefully, this would make your search easier.

The toys that have been reviewed are some of the most recent and most popular products in this industry. Feel free to check our list to clear your mind.

Best Dog Toys :

Top 1
KONG - Classic Dog Toy
Top 2
Wickedbone Smart Bone
Top 3
ZippyPaws Food Buddies Burrow

Best Dog Chew Toys :

1- Kong Classic Toy :

The Kong Classic is the most suitable toy for your dog. It is literally one of the best tough dog chew toys for chewers. It is the first option that will come to dog trainers’ mind and dog owners.

It is the best indestructible dog toy for destructive dogs. We have talked about this brand so many times. Kong toys are known for their incredible quality.

When the kong gets in your dog’s mouth, it won’t break into pieces. It is designed for a power chewer.

Well, technically, all dog lovers love Kong. Kong offers the most durable dog chew toys on the market. They managed to build a great reputation when it comes to durability.

Actually, the Kong classic is the most popular toy of the toy’s line. All pet owners with massive chewers consider it a must-have. This awesome toy features a high level of durability.

The Kong classic is made of thick durable rubber. This enables it to take immense chewing without falling apart. The toy functions marvelously as a distraction. It can keep your dog occupied for hours.

It supports several types of play. You can play tug of war with it or a go on a fetch game. The dog manages to eat, as it will dispense treats, and fetch at the same time.

The toy has a cute, practical, bulbous shape with a hollow center like an ultra ball. It has an unpredictable bounce. Your dog loves things that bounce. Thus, your dog will spend more time with this mental-stimulating durable dog chew toy.

Another important aspect that this toy provides is oral health. The Kong classic is a great way to strengthening your canine gums and teeth.

This toy supports several types of play. The Kong classic would a great toy to play fetch. Also, this toy is a treat-dispensing toy.

It can be very useful in reward training. Just fill it with his/her favorite treat or with peanut butter. Then, let them go crazy over their Kong.

Many trainers use it as a feeder. Thanks to this toy they can keep track of the dog’s diet. It helps with weight management. In addition, it is easy to use for both of you.

All you got to do is get several Kong classic toys and fill up the Kong’s center with your pooch’s moist food. Put it in the freezer. Then give it to your dog chronologically as a meal.

The Kong line offers multiple sizes depending on your pup’s age, size, and chewing power. They also made one of the best dog toys for puppies. In case you have a baby puppy in the house, you may want to check them.

This puppy behavioral aid toy comes in two colors creamy pink and blue. The colors set the size black and red kong toys are for large dogs, in addition to the dog’s own preferences.

Finally, this toy is easy to use and machine washable. However, you better wash it several times.

What We Like :
  • It is extremely sturdy.
  • You can customize the treat based on your canine’s needs.
  • It offers mental stimulation.
  • It helps teething puppies.
  • It is good for crate training and fetching training.
  • It is a puppy chewing behavioral aid toy.
  • It helps with separation anxiety.
What We Don’t Like :
  • It can be difficult to clean.
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2- NylaBone DuraChew :

Our second go-to for the best dog chew toys for dogs is the NylaBone DuraChew. This durable dog chew toy can endure your canine’s aggressive chewing. The NylaBone DuraChew definitely deserves to be on the list.

The NylaBone DuraChew can distract your puppy for hours. Toys like this would be of great use for dogs with separation anxiety, especially if you have a determined chewer.

This fetch chew toy is flavored to capture your dog longer. its texture material is made with delicious real bacon flavoring.

This fetch toy comes in a familiar design for dogs. It is in the shape of a bone made of real bacon. This design is a safe one.

It is not that unique or creative but who doesn’t love a yummy bone. In case you want a curved wishbone shape toy, this brand offers one too.

On the other side, this chew toy promotes dental health. It will help you keep your dog’s teeth healthy, sharp and sparkling.

This chew toy comes with small ridges. This way you can be sure it is cleaning plaque, resulting in a dog with clean teeth.

This is more than just a regular dog chew toy. As a matter of fact, It’s a magnificent teething chew toy for breeds like German Shepherd puppies.

This chew toy is totally safe. Yet, we think that it would be better if you keep an eye on your pup while playing with the toy. This way you avoid any unpleasant accident.

Supervision may spare you a lot of troubles. Especially, know that all toys pose the risk of getting some pieces bitten off and swallowed.


What We Like :
  • It is sturdy and durable.
  • Its shape is ideal for your dog to grip on it and allows you to play fetch with it.
  • It comes in real bacon flavor.
  • It is able to last relatively longer than other toys.
  • It promotes dental health.
What We Don’t Like :
  • The nylon can make noise when your pup is chomping on it.
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3- Goughnuts Maxx 50 Stick :

Third, we got the Goughnut Maxx 50 Strick. Goughnut is one of the best toys’ manufacturers, just as Kong and NylaBone.

This manufacturer is also known for its super-durable chew toys.  The toughest chew toy in Goughnut’s toys’ line is the Maxx 50 Stick.

In addition to this chew toy being perfect for playing fetch, it is extra safe. Technically, nearly every Goughnuts dog chew toy includes a special two-color warning system.

With this system, you can tell when the toy should be removed and taken off your pooch’s paws. Luckily, the Maxx 50 Stick is one of the toys that feature this system.

The system works this way. When the toy shows the colors green and black, it’s fine to keep your pup playing with it. However, when the toy shows the color red, you should take the toy off immediately.

At this point, the red color means that the bone is no longer safe. It considered dangerous to play with.


What We Like :
  • It can float (you can take it with you to the pool, beach, or lake.)
  • It is super durable.
  • It is large in a way that fits mostly all dogs.
  • It is made in the USA.
What We Don’t Like :
  • Some dogs didn’t like its flavor.
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Best Interactive Toys :

1- Wickedbone Smart Bone Toy :

Talking about interactive toys, we thought of stepping up our game and review one of the best interactive tech toys. This bone is not like any bone.

It is a Wickedbone. We have already made a review of the best interactive toys for dogs and this product toped all of them.

The Wickedbone is a tech-toy. This toy gives an intelligent type of fun. The toy is automatic and wireless. You can control the Wickedbone off your phone. This is so practical. To be honest, the toys’ market should be modernized.

To be precise, this toy gives us a brief of how useful tech toys can be.

The Wickedbone has several play modes. You can choose between either the interactive auto-play mode or the drive mode. The latter means simply controlling the toy with the joystick. Again, you can do all that via an app on your phone.

The app is so useful. Through it, you can automatically adjust the reactions of the bone. The toy can set its actions and reactions based on the different actions of your canine.

In case you set your toy on the auto-play mode. The toy is programmed to catch your pup’s attention. As its name implies, this mode doesn’t need a manual operation. However, supervision is necessary.

The toy has 12 types of emotional driven systems built in. In addition, the app is available for both iOS and Android. Its virtual joystick allows you to move it around.

Talking about the safety of the design, the body, cover, and tires are made of certified materials. It is safe for both humans and pets. The material is sturdy yet soft. This way, it protects your dog’s claws and teeth.

The toy’s design makes it easy to clean. It has detachable tires as well as a protecting cover. They are super easy to take off.

The Wickedbone runs with a built-in 470 amah lithium polymer battery. A one-hour charging gives you more than 30 minutes in app mode and more than 2 hours in interactive mode. While it might last an entire month in sleep mode.


What We Like :
  • It is interactive and a tech-toy.
  • It is fun to play for both the owner and the pet.
  • It has a long Battery Life.
  • The materials are non toxic, soft and strong.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • It is suitable for other kinds of pets too (as cats).
What We Don’t Like :
  • The body of the toy is a hard plastic rather than rubberized like a Kong.
  • The areas around the lights are covered with plastic (weaker than the rest of the bone).
  • It is too easy for a dog to pick up/grab.
  • Not recommended for mega aggressive chewers (it is not a durable chew toy).
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2- Aikiou Dog Bowl :

Our second choice for the best interactive toys is the Aikiou Interactive toy. This one is a slow dog feeder. This type of toys can help you manage your dogs’ weight while providing them with the necessary mental stimulation.

As a matter of fact, this type of toys is the most highly recommended one. To be quite precise, every dog of any breed needs a slow feeder. With the proper use, you can achieve wonders with this toy.

The best feature of this toy is that it is more than a dog slow feeder. the word Aikiou is pronounced like the word “IQ”. To cut straight to the chase, this toy is a puzzle feeder. All dogs of any breed require puzzle toys.

Puzzle feeders provide them with mental stimulation. It is similar to a reward training session. It is like taking your pup to the gym to train his mind. Who doesn’t want a clever little companion?

Puzzles force your pup to use her/his intellectual skills to reach their goal, the treat. It can be peanut butter, kibbles, or creamy cheese.

This teaches them that they need to work for something to get it. Hide your dog’s food in the Aikiou feeder. Then, let your pooch work her/his way through it.

This puzzle toy plays on your pup’s instincts. We all know that dogs instinctually like burying part of their prey after hunting. Well, this puzzle toy gives them this joy.

It has a rotating lid so your pooch can dig and search. To put it into perspective, the Aikiou feeder satisfies your dog’s digging instinct.


What We Like :
  • It helps reducing ingestion speed.
  • It helps to prevent bloating.
  • It is easy to use (made of non toxic material.)
  • This dog feeder can contain up to two and a 2/1 cups of food.
  • It will be entertaining for your pup and keep your dog busy.
What We Don’t Like :
  • It can be easy (again, some dogs are born naturally smarter than others.)
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3- Trixie Mad Scientist Poker Box :

The third best interactive dog toy on our list. Trixie’s Mad Scientist is more like a competition. Dogs are very playful and intelligent animals. Such games will boost your dogs’ mental skills.

This puzzle toy contains four cubicles. Each cubicle has a different challenge for your pooch to master. The cubicles contain lids, flaps, knobs, ropes and drawers.

Whenever your dog will get a treat or the peanut butter, s/he will gain skill and learn how to do something.

You can make this puzzle even more challenging. Just vary the number and the placement of treats and compartments. This will help you increase the level of difficulty. You can set it at the level you want.

This puzzle toy has non-slip rubber feet. This would keep the game in place as your dog is exploring it. This box literally fits dogs of all ages. In addition, it is dishwasher safe. Its final treat is that it has a one-year warranty.


What We Like :
  • The sliding knob part of the sliding lid box is excellent.
  • It strikes the right balance of ease and feasibility.
  • It has a raised lip on the sliding box.
  • Your dog won’t be able to cheat.
  • It is a treat-dispensing toy.
What We Don’t Like :
  • The drawer on the tower toy does not stand up to abuse.
  • It is not so durable. It needs reserving.
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Best Plush and Squeak Toys :

1- GoDog Furballz Guard Squeaky Plush Toy :

Every dog needs plush-squeaky toys to be their companion instead of your old t-shirt. The Go Dog Furballz Chew Guard is a purple, cute, fluffy, and rainbow dog ball.

The Go dog go ball toys include this plush squeaky ball that is cute and addictive.

This rainbow fuzzy ball dog toy is designed to offer your canine a long time of interactive and solo fun playtime.

This cute plush ball is soft and squishy. At the same time, the godog dog squeaky toys are durable and strong enough to stand against your canine’s fangs.

The GoDog Fur ball dog Toy is made with Go Dog’s proprietary Chew Guard Technology. This is a manufacturing process. It adds a sturdy, durable liner to the Go Dog’s fluffy ball.

Each layer of this ball is double stitched. The materials are reinforced to confirm that this toy will last through endless games of fetch with your dog.

The toy has a unique duality of being tough and soft. This dual nature of the toy offers your canine the emotional security s/he needs.

In addition to this cute ball, there is also a go dog dragon toy. These toys offer you a variety of options. The ball is snuggly and cuddly.

As a matter of fact, the ball includes a squeaking device. The squeaker makes sure to capture your pup’s attention.

Where to buy go dog squeaky toys? Well, they are technically available nearly anywhere. You can get them online by clicking down below or check your local stores.


What We Like :
  • This toy is a plush, squeaky, and interactive toy.
  • It keeps your dog busy.
  • It is cuddly.
  • It is soft yet durable.
  • It is well-made.
  • It has a built-in squeaker.
What We Don’t Like :
  • There are a couple of complaints that it couldn’t survive.
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2- Fattiez Round Squeaky Plush Toy by Outward Hound :

Our next best choice is the Fattiez Round Squeaky Plush dog Toy by Outward Hound. This tough pig indoor dog toy is one of the best indestructible plush dog toys 2021.

This toy is literally the cutest you could ever see. Besides, it’s one of those soft durable toys.

Durable plush dog toys are of high importance for canines. Every pooch needs super tough squeaky stuffed dog toys.

Outward Hound’s Fattiez Pig indoor Dog Toy will surely become your puppy’s companion and her/his new favorite friend. This perfect toy is lovable and round.

It is built with funny noisemakers. It combines several types of toys at the same time. It is a plush, squeaky, and interactive toy.

This would delight your little friend’s heart. The toy has a round shape. Well, all dogs love round shapes. So, your pup will certainly go nuts for this round fat pig.

The fact that this toy has a round shape of this toy makes it hard for your pup to reach the inside of the toy. To put it into perspective, your canine won’t reach the squeaking device.

This cute pig would be a great addition your dog’s sturdy plush dog toys basket.

Besides, this lovely farmyard pig design itself will be a cute friend to your canine. It is perfect for chasing. As it is also fun to fetch with it. It makes a dog toy squeaking sound.

Your furry baby will adore chewing it to get the pig to make its funny sound.

Finally, the best thing about plush toys is how creative they tend to be. In case you don’t want a pig. You can go for cow dog toys. These toys contain cow dog toy squeaker.

The options are endless. It is not limited to a squeaky cow dog toy. There is a squeaky sheep too. Finally, there is a huge variety. This will be your dog’s favorite toy.

Another amazing point is that you can just throw it in the washing machine. This toy is worth checking. this brand has a lot of option they also offer a stuffing free plush.


What We Like :
  • It has a squeaker.
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fun.
  • It is durable.
  • It is soft and cuddly.
  • It has a safe design.
What We Don’t Like :
  • It is small (of course, it is for puppies).
  • It not indestructible.
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3- ZippyPaws Food Buddies Burrow, Seek Plush Toy :

This item from Outward hound dog toys offers a “hide and seek” type of toys. This interactive toy comes from Zippy Paws. The toy offers a lot of fun.

Especially, when you play with your pup. This plush dog toy will provide you with hours of lovely playtime for your dog.

The ZippyPaws Food Buddies Burrow, Seek Plush dog Toy has a built-in squeaker. The hide and seek perfect squeaky toy can keep your canine busy and engaged. This ultimately gives you a lot of time to do what do you want.

The toy is made of a soft fabric. This helps protect your pup from harming his/her teeth. Besides, it is perfect for teething puppies as well as playful grownups.

Zippy paws offer several characters such as blueberries, popcorn, doughnuts, cookies and many other characters. In addition to animal characters too.

Zippy paws feature the outward hound pig toy too. Since dogs get attracted to colorful cute animal toys. This is why a plush chicken dog toy or any other animal would be a great gift idea.

Zippy paws x outward hound includes a chicken chew toy and many other animal characters that are worth checking.

Since the dog’s size is important, this toy is basically set for small dogs and medium-sized dogs. It includes a sound element that attracts the pup’s attention even more.

The blueberries have a high-quality squeaker that makes more noises. This will keep your bestie entertained.


What We Like :
  • It provides mental stimulation.
  • It entertains your pup.
  • It is super fun.
  • It is soft.
What We Don’t Like :
  • You should be engaged in that time for your dog.
  • It is not durable.
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Best rope toys :

1- DIBBATU Spring Pole Dog Rope Toy :

Rope is a very important material to add to your dog’s toys’ basket. The DIBBATU spring pole dog durable rope toy is a 16ft(5M), durable, outdoor rope.

It is the best rope toy when it comes to durability and flexibility. It is big enough for more than one dog to play tug of war with it.

Long ropes offer several types of fun. You can shutter the rope from a tree limb or any wood pillar under your deck. You can also crinkle it over a tree. Circle it and pull it tidily. Hanging this Spring Pole Dog rope is easy. You can efficiently swing this durable toy in no time.

The best thing about DIBBATU spring pole is its material. It is made of premium rust-free tough steel to last. It can hold as much as 300 pounds (136 kg). This makes it the best exercise canine rope toys out there.

Long story short, this rope toy is super-duper durable. However, the DIBBATU’s manufacturer warned dog owners about leaving THE SPRING POLE outside in the rain.

The DIBBATU Spring pole is an amazing item. it indorses muscle-building exercise devices for canines. dogs will love the pulling and swinging fun activities that the DIBBATU spring pole offers.

The DIBBATU spring pole is excellently suitable for a Tug of War game. Finally, the best thing about this rope is that it can be shared between two dogs.


What We Like :
  • Durable spring pole since it holds up superior to other items.
  • Incredible toy for hounds with solid bites.
  • The way it’s constructed makes it effectively fixable in playtime.
What We Don’t Like :
  • Not convenient for non-super-solid puppies.
  • I genuinely like this is a flexible toy for most huge puppies, it is incredibly durable and can bolster weight from a massive German Shepherd as nothing.
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2- StarMark Everlasting Fun Ball on a Rope Dog Toy :

The best rope toys that most dogs of all breeds are into are the ones attached to balls. Balls are the dog’s favorite. So, instead of giving your dog a regular tennis ball, Add a rope to it. This will just increase the fun.

The Everlasting Fun Ball on a Rope Dog Toy from Starmark is one of the finest items out there. It includes one of the most durable balls.

Starmark manufactures its toys in assistance with the expertise of pet behavior specialists. The manufacturers make sure that their designed products nurture natural needs.

The Starmark ball on rope toy is as useful as unique. Their Everlasting Fun ultra Ball on A Rope toy is their best and technically most popular product. Obviously, it gained this popularity for featuring two games in one.

The unique design of the toy is not only creative. It is practical also. This lightweight ball can take rough play. On the other side, this ultra ball will bounce like no other ball.

At the same time, thanks to the ball’s weight, the whole toy floats in water. Although it is a lightweight ball, it is still durable and indestructible.

The rope is made of durable nylon rope. The rope is available in two sizes. It is not for smaller pups rather for larger dogs.

StarkMark Everlasting Fun Lightweight Ball on a Rope Dog Toy is perfect for tug of war games. Besides, you can fill the ball with your pup’s favorite treats.

While the ball is rolling the treats fall. To sum up, this is more than the best frisbee dog toy your dog is obsessing over.


What We Like :
  • The ball can bounce and it is sturdy.
  • This ultra ball floats in water
  • It is both a rope toy with a ball attached to it a knotted nylon rope.
  • The rope is durable.
  • You can put treats inside it.
What We Don’t Like :
  • The ball is small.
  • The rope couldn’t survive some dogs.
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3- Mammoth Cotton Blend Rope 3 knot :

The last rope toy that definitely deserves being on this list is the mammoth cotton blend rope 3 knot. This rope is made from premium materials. Besides, the rope has an eye-catching fun design.

Another treat about this toy is its practicality. The size suits most dogs. In addition, this rope helps you clean your furry friend’s mouth. As your dog is chewing on the rope, its fibers will floss his/her teeth.

Since safety comes first, we can assure you that this rope is safe. The rope is durable, long-lasting and great for so many games like tug of war.

You can freely let your canine chew on it. Considering its size, you can play fetching with it easily.

The Mammoth Cotton Blend Rope 3 knot is sturdily built. It will survive your chewing lover. In addition, this rope is even suitable for your teething puppy.

Mammoth Cotton Blend literally has the best rope products. They offer four different sizes: extra small, small, large, and extra large.

They made sure that no breed is left behind. You don’t have to worry about finding a rope toy for your borders collies.


What We Like :
  • It is made from 100% natural cotton.
  • The rope fibers floss the dog’s teeth.
  • It is durable.
  • It is safe.
  • It helps teething puppies.
What We Don’t Like :
  • It couldn’t survive some dogs.
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Buying guide For Picking Best Dog Toys :

If the choice is given to your dog, s/he will for sure choose all of these toys. And of course, you can’t afford that. This is why it is your responsibility to choose the right one. You are the only one who knows your dog’s likes and dislikes.

You know exactly their needs as well as their destructive tendencies. For instance, if your dogs adore squeaky plush toys and they can get a little carried away, the Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy might be the best choice for them or three squeaky squirrels.

In case you buy only one, make sure it is stuffing free to avoid the mess and these last longer.

While when your dog is a determined chewer opt for rubber balls or other toys from west paw toys, kongs, planet dog, and other durable toys.

It is important to keep your pup’s own preferences in mind. This way you won’t go wrong with any of these awesome dog toy picks.

Here are the most important features in general :

  • Toy type.
  • Material aka safety and quality.

Toy types :

There are a lot of toy types on the market. Each type fulfils a certain need for your dog. For example, a chew toy can help satisfy your pup’s natural instinct to chew. These types of toys also support healthy and positive chewing behavior.

In addition, some toys can even help you floss the dog’s teeth and reduce plaque buildup. Whereas, Rope and pull toys provide your pooch with physical exercises. They offer you some active type of mutual fun with your dog.

These types of toys are designed perfectly for games of tug-of-war. Most often, they’re made with sturdy materials like tough rubber or cotton rope.

On the other side, puzzle and reward toys give your canine the necessary mental stimulation.

Interactive toys like puzzles and challenges keep your little buddy busy for hours. Usually, these toys focus on attracting your pet’s attention with sounds and compartments for hidden treats. This promotes encourage independent play.

Plush toys are for gentler dogs. They offer a gentle entertainment option. They fulfill an emotional need. Plush toys are fluffy toys for dogs who in need of a plush friend.

They come in a variety of designs and shapes. However, they are not for chewing.

What’s better than a toy? A lovely toy that dispenses treat. Treat-dispensing toys add an elevated type of appeal. They dispensed treats or pastes to tempt dogs to play.

They’re also a fitting way to reward your pup. They are amazing tools for reward training and training sessions in general.

For dogs who like to chase, catch, run and chew, fetch and throw, fetch and throw toys are the best toys for you. So, every toy needs a favorite toy.

Tennis balls, flyers and ball launchers are Fetch toys. They are always your dog’s favorite toy. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

The difference between those above appears in the price too. For example, getting a ball launcher would be more expensive than a regular treat dispensing ball. Your energetic dog will adore them.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with the old-fashioned durable Frisbees, tennis balls, plush and puzzle toys. They are enough for playing fetch. They are great, but electronic toys are awesome. They are hella interactive.

Safety aka material and quality :

Safety is the first thing to look for when choosing the best toy for your pooch. Check whether your pup will be able to chew off small pieces or not. Toys that fall apart into small pieces leading to choking hazards.

Additionally, make sure that your dog won’t eat threads and risk digestive problems. There are a lot of toys on the market that are cheap and budget-friendly.

Unfortunately, many of these toys are not safe. So, you have to check the toy yourself.

The quality of the material equals how safe the toy is. it is important, especially, for this type of toys. The materials must be of the best quality. If you opt for a durable rubber, go for the natural one.

They are the best durable rubber quality and toxic-free. This way you make sure it won’t intoxicate your canine with harmful chemicals.


Here are some tips you can benefit from too:

  • Toys that look realistic are always better.
  • Provide your pup with different types of toys.
  • Play with your pal.
  • Pick age-appropriate toys for your canine.
  • Always supervise your dog when playing.
  • Check the toy before giving it to your dog.
  • Makes your dog’s toys have bright colors.
  • Go for stuffing free plush toys for less mess.
  • Opt for brands that support animal welfare; for example, Nina Ottosson and Benebone donates a portion of their gains to dog charities.
  • Go for toys that supports dental health in the dog’s mouth. So, it will clean the dog’s teeth as your dog plays.
Buying guide For Picking Best Dog Toys

Frequently Asked Questions :

  • How loud should the squeakers be?

The squeakers shouldn’t be too loud. This will make it annoying for you. it should be loud enough to excite a dog. However, it should be quiet enough to not be annoying to the owners.

  • Are some materials dangerous for my dog?

Yes! Some toys are made of toxic materials which are harmful. Harmful toys tend to contain high levels of chemicals. If your dog consumes these chemicals. Sometimes, the chemicals are exposed to the surface of the toy.

This means a direct high risk. Your pup will have an allergic reaction if the toy rubs up against the skin.  You have to make sure that the toy is BPA free and preferably not made in China.

  • Can I wash the toys?

Actually, you must wash and clean your dog’s toys on a regular basis. Otherwise, disease-causing bacteria will reside in your pup’s toy. Hygiene is highly important. Some toys are machine washable. If not, you can always handwash them.

  • Can Toys Help with Socialization?

Yes, but be careful. As negative behaviors such as aggression or jealousy can quickly happen.

  • What is the best dog toy in the world?

There is literally no ultimate dog toy in the whole world. As you have seen there are several types of toys. You can’t just eliminate a type.

Each toy offers a specific type of play and tackles the specific issue. So, your dog needs many toys.

  • Best toys for aggressive chewers?

Technically, in this case, you need some tough toys. The best brands for power chewers are KONG, Nylabone, and Goughnuts. These lines involve some of the best indestructible dog toys.

In order to judge how tough and sturdy a toy is you must check its materials. However, you must keep in mind that the safety of the materials comes first. Try to opt for natural rubber, rope, and safe nylon.

Aggressive chewers are in much more danger than others. You have to choose a toy that won’t break into pieces or has a certain safety system. For example, Goughnuts’s toys have a certain color-based system.

If your dog exposes the red color of the toy, you know that it’s time to replace the toy.

  • Why does my dog bring me a toy when I get home?

The answer to this question is extremely interesting and cute. Well, there is a theory that implicates that your dog greets with a toy because he views you as the alpha of the pack.

We all know that dogs are pack animals. So, by bringing you the toy he aims at safeguarding his place in your pack. Another theory implicates that the dog is trying to communicate his happiness of seeing you with you.

Since toys make dogs happy. As there is a chance, he is asking you to come to play his.

Conclusion :

Wrapping it all up, the most important feature to keep in mind while shopping is safety. Always before getting anything make your research on the item you are getting for your dog. The best dog toys help your pup to grow.

Make sure the toy you chose is made with quality materials. Make sure it is durable enough to endure your dog’s jaws. Besides, it should be the proper dog’s size for her/him.

For example, most toys for large dogs tend to be tough and big enough not to choke your pup.


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