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How to Teach a Dog to Play With Toys? (in 4 Steps) at Funadog

Introduction :

Dogs are similar to babies. Your have to teach them every single thing. So here will show you how to teach a dog to play with toys. Besides, the time you spend with your dogs supports their mental health.

Using toys, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle for your dog, both physically and mentally. Mentally speaking, they aid in fighting boredom. They keep your dog busy when you have to leave your dog at home by themselves.

Toys help provide comfort when your dog is feeling a little bit nervous. They give them the security they need. People tend to neglect this side of toys. In addition, some toys even prevent your dog from developing some negative behaviors.

Honestly, we don’t deserve dogs. They are just the best. Dogs are not very picky. they are more than willing to play with any object in front of them. This is why dogs lead. They are fun.

All that dogs need is something, they can get their paws on. This is a bless and a curse. Usually, what dogs find most attractive tend to be dangerous. They somehow manage to find the most dangerous around them and play with it.  

In other words, you need to be extremely careful when getting a toy for your dog. Not only that, you have to teach your dog how to play with it and monitor your dog’s playtime. This way, you prevent any unpleasant accident.

Teaching your dog how to play with toys is highly significant for the bound between the two of you. It creates an opportunity to spend time with your pup. Chances are, you do not spend much time your do.

Importance Of Toys (Benefits) :

Toys function as a mental and physical stimulator. they assist in satisfying a dog’s emotional and physical needs. Nowadays, dogs are mainly bred as companion pets. However, they still need a companion themselves.

We have jobs and things to do. Jobs fulfil a certain void in us. This is the same thing for dogs they need to occupy their time and satisfy their chewing instinct. The lack of having something to do leads the dog into distractive behaviors.

For example, a need like chewing needs to be fulfilled through chew toy. If not, your dog will choose her/his own chew toy from the house.

That chew toy can be your sofa, pillows, or toilet paper rolls. You surely do not want that. So, you better provide you pup with appropriate outlets.

The best thing about toys is that they encourage active play. The latter reduces periods of boredom. All that through mental stimulation.

Toys have several benefits:

  1. Mental stimulation: Playing with toys is the equivalent of playing crossword or Sudoku puzzle for human beings. Think of it as a brain workout. So, instead of a 30 minutes’ walk, you can give your dog a toy.
  2. Independence: dogs are pack animals. Naturally, they are not meant to spend lengthy periods of time by themselves. Toys help keep your dog entertained while you’re not around. This way they will learn to have fun by themselves and entertain themselves.
  3. Learning’s ability: toys help enhance your dog’s ability to learn. Toys enrich their mental abilities. they help them develop new skills. In addition, it endorses their natural behavior similar to foraging, exploring and playing.
  4. Relaxing: Toys contribute to your dog’s happiness. they help your canine relax. Since playtime feels like a rewarding experience, it counteracts the effects of stress.

Besides, toys also give your pup more control of their environment. That feeling of taking control helps to keep their stress levels at hand. In addition, to have multiple choices of what toy to play with.

  1. Increasing your bound: being the one who gives the dogs the toys, they will associate you with the joy and eagerness of play. This helps to form a positive connotation concerning you.

Besides, the time you will spend teaching your dog will increase the love between the two of you.

  1. Fun: long story short, dogs just adore toys. Why would you deprive them of that joy and excitement? Happy dog happy life guys.

As a matter of fact, those destructive behaviors are just a way of seeking attention. Toy help takes off that attention you to the toy. However, dogs get bored with their toys faster than you can imagine.

This is why teaching your dog how to play with the toy is importance. This increases the life of your dog’s significance. When this happens, the value of the toy as a mental and physical outlet is lost. Rotating toys is the best way to keep them effective.

Importance Of Toys (Benefits)

Types of Dog Toys :

Before teaching your dog to play with the toy, you obviously need one first. Well, here are the available types of toys you can find. Then you make up your mind on which toy to get.

Here are three types of toys based on the aim you are wanting:

-Active :

Toys that do the work for your pup are most often referred to as active toys. They entertain and meaningfully engage. However, the main purpose is to entertain.

-Distraction :

This type of toys works keeping your pup busy for as long as possible. “Busy-box” or “feeder” toys are the best example of these toys. These toys involve both mental and physical efforts. Dogs will be moving the cube around. They involve their nose, mouth and paws.

– Comfort :

This aim of these toys is to deliver comfort to your dog. They tend to be soft and stuffed toys. They can serve several aims yet they aren’t suitable for all dogs.

Some dogs will take a dirty laundry, like an old t-shirt, pillowcase, towel or blanket. especially when the item smells like you, it comforts them when you are not around. You better know that there is a high chance the item is going to be destroyed.

Toys :

1- Interactive Toys :

Unlike any other type of toys, Interactive toys tend to be far more exclusive. Plus, they tend to be ambiguous. Actually, this type crosses all other types. Try to check our list of the best interactive toys you can find.

Interactive toys provide you and your dog many benefits. they offer you mental stimulation and help fight boredom. In addition, interactive toys tend to satisfy the dog’s natural instincts. Not to mention that they make teatime more fun.

For example, robot toys are part of interactive toys. The world is becoming more electronic than ever. These tend to be a little bit extravagant but they worth every penny. Robot dog toys personify an energetic role in the life of kids and dogs. You should check these.

2- Balls :

Balls are active toys. Besides, it is widely known that balls are dogs’ favorite. If you are having a puppy that is teething, chances are hard balls will be just harming your pup’s teeth. It would be better to start off with a soft plush ball. The best option you can go for is a tennis ball if your dog is older. They have a slightly harder exterior.

There are some balls that have multiple services. They can be a feeder at the same time a ball. Check our automatic tennis ball launcher.

3- Rope Toys (Tug of War ) :

These tug of war toys are very essential to any dog’s toy box. Some rope toys tend to have handles and others have knots. There are some other rope toys even carry balls or bones attached to them.

Ropes are designed to play games like tug of war. This suits your dog’s natural way of playing. Playing tug-of-war with a rope toy help reinforce the tie between you and your pup. Plus, letting your pup win a game of tug of war from time to time would gas up his confidence.

But don’t overdo it because your dog may over-assert you. Check these rope toys that will get you a fun tug-of-war game.

Tip :

Try to soak the rope toy in water. when it will absorb the water so you can freeze it. This way it’ll soothe your pup’s tender gums when s/he will gnaw on the rope. Potentially, this will prevent him from chewing items from the house.

Rope Dog Toys

4- Stuffed Toys :

These toys are soft. These toys fall under the comfort toys category. Plush toys tend to be directed to delicate chewers. Stuffed toys aka plush toys are a safe choice. They protect your pup’s mouth.

You can find stuffed toys in several shapes, sizes, and colors. More often, your dogs will grow very attached to these types of toys. It is so cute by the way. Imagine seeing your dog holding her/his little fried with her/him all around.

In the case, where your dog sees their plush toy like a companion. choose one that is small enough to be carried. Whereas, some dogs want to jiggle or even “assassinate” their toy. Thus, pick one that is big enough to avoid any accidental swallowing. Plus, make sure it is tough enough to endure your dog’s attacks.

Check our review on the best dog plush toys out there.

Some plush toys tend to be squeaky. However, not all squeaky toys are plush toys. This means that they make noises of a squeaky. These noises stimulate your pup mentally. Be careful in choosing you’re a squeaky toy because that noise triggers dogs to destroy the toy.

In other words, you need a sturdy one. Discover our list of the most indestructible squeaky toys you can safely go for.

5- Chew Toys :

Chew toys are the most popular toys. Now nearly all toy manufacturers tend to add the chew quality to their products. To be honest, chewing is one of the most annoying things that dogs do. These cute minions of hell chew on literally everything.

Chewing is an instinct when it comes to dogs. Even after the teething stage, your pup will keep chewing. Thus, you need you a sturdy chew toy. It is natural for your dog to want to chew, even after he has teethed.

These toys come in several different shapes. They can be in the shape of a stick, rope, bone, or even in animal shapes, ring, etc. Some dogs are born champion chewers. However, there are some gentle delicate chewers too.

When getting a chew toy get one that suits your dog. You will find toys at different levels of durability. Try to match one with your dog’s chewing power. This is the best chew toys you can find. At the same time, you have a closer idea on chew toys.

6- Treat-dispensing Toys :

As their name implies, these toys tend to contain treats for your pup. you can fill and refill them with your dog’s favorite treat. These toys force your dog to worth both mentally and physically. The dog will have to figure out how to use the toy to get to the treat.

These toys are distracting ones. They ensure hours of fun for your dog. The dog will be twisting, turning, and chewing the toy to find her/his way to the kibble.

These toys are the best option if you have stubborn learner. They help diminish disproportionately fast eating. They also manage high-energy consumption. In addition to the fact, they build mental skills.  

7- Puzzle Toys :

Again, puzzle toys are puzzles. These dog puzzles are built to stimulate your dog’s brain. They integrate problem-solving into their daily routine. Puzzle toys and games come on various forms. They range from the simple hide-and-seek to incorporating with everyday objects.

They involve activities such as lifting blocks, turning discs, sliding bricks or retrieving food from an interactive dog bowl. All of these activities are intended to challenge your dog mentally. Puzzle toys cater to the dog’s distinctive desire for play.

dog puzzle toys

How to Teach a Dog to Play With Toys :

Now that you picked a toy you should teach your dog to play with the toys. Most dogs do not know what to do with toys. It is the same sad story. You buy a toy. Then, you go home to find your dog just staring at it.

What hurts the most, that your dog will keep playing with your shoe passionately while the toy is laying on the floor.

Well, if you suffered from this, I can tell you that all you need is learning how to teach your dog to play with toys. You need also some encouragement. Don’t worry at the end your dog will be playing with his toy in no time.

  1. Start off by replacing whatever your dogs are habitually chewing on with a new toy. In case your dogs like to gnaw on the sofa cushions. Try to alarm them with a high-pitch “eh” sound. Then guide them away from the couch.

Then put a toy in their mouth instead. This way you replace undesirable behavior with a more pleasant behavior.

  1. Always try to get excited. Whenever, you see your dogs playing with the toy, encourage them. However, don’t exaggerate and sound crazy. Try to sound simple enough. As a matter of fact, when you make a big deal when your dogs play with their toys is very important.

You see that moment when you walk home and your dog’s tail wiggles. It is because dogs love making you happy. Encouragement is important. You can pet your dogs on the head. Make sure you praise them for playing with the toys. This way they’ll be more likely to do it again just to please you.

  1. Another tip is that you stuff the toy up with treats. Sometimes your fur-baby may just need a little bribe to play with his toys while you’re making dinner. Most sturdy dog toys are made of rubber material. This gives you an ideal spot to hide some treats.

This way you will make the toy interesting for your dog. You will get your pup to work hard to get the treat out. This way you keep the dog busy. This instantaneously teaches your dog to interact with the toy.

  1. The most important thing is to play with the dogs. Don’t use toys as a substitute for you. Your dogs love toys because they remind them of you. they love you and want to interact with you.

Drowning your dog in a pile of toys, then walking away won’t do the job. You have to play with him. This how you teach him how to play by ultimately playing. If you see your dog bored with her/his toys, try to catch his attention.

You can show him the ones that squeak. Also, you can throw a ball across the yard. This way it will grab his attention by its bounces. S/he can’t figure out all of the amusing things her/his toys can do until you demonstrate that to her/him. Long story short play alongside your dog.

Conclusion :

Relaying on toys to entertain your dog won’t result in anything. You have to learn how to teach a dog to play with toys. Dogs want a companion if not a job. Just like us human being if we don’t have a job or a companion, we will feel lonely.

Many dogs tend to develop depression and anxiety. They do so because of the loneliness they feel in your absence. Dogs are pack animals. They are not used to stay in one place alone for a long time.

Toys are the best solution to avoid all that. They help alleviate boredom and stress. In addition to the fact that they offer dogs the chance to exercise. Besides, the mental stimulation toys provide. The latter will raise their intelligence and enables development.

Toys contribute to your dog’s happiness. Through toys, your dog will cope better with the time when you are not home, happy dog, healthy dog.


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