Bob A Lot Dog Toy Review : Treat Dispensing From Starmark

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In this bob a lot dog toy review, we will see why should you purchase this product and why it is one of the few remarkable feeder toys in the market.

Product Description

A happy dog needs four stuff: treats, toys, you, and you. In this bob a lot dog toy review, we will see why should you purchase this product and why it is one of the few remarkable feeder toys in the market.

The bob a lot toy is a food dispensing device made in the USA. It helps you mix up feeding routine with a fun exercise that your pooch is going to enjoy.

This item doesn’t only function as a treat-dispensing wobbling, but also it provides mental stimulation. It kills two birds with one stone. Your pup is going to get both a mental and physical exercise.

The Starmark Pet Products aim at keeping puppies and dogs home by this interactive toy that will enhance the relationship between the owner and the pet. I mean this product is for both of you, buddies!

Who is This Product For?

Bob-A-Lot’s design is simple. It comes in different sizes for diverse dogs, which is suitable for both small and large dogs. It is ideal for dogs from all breeds and sizes.

It targets hyper-active pups and fast eaters. It dispenses treats slowly to control fast eaters. It also helps with bored dogs.

Overview Of Features

this toy is a unique one in the market of dog toys and feeders. We will by exploring the feature that distinguishes this item in this bob a lot dog toy review.

  • It has a large dual-chamber – this feature allows you to fill it with various treats or kibble. The product has a massive capacity. It can fit your pup’s entire meal and let your puppy eat it throughout the whole day.
  • The entry and the exit are customized – this is a marvellous feature right here that is not available in such product. It makes the Bob-A-Lot a unique product.

The fact that the opening is adjustable opens a variety of possibilities for what to stuff inside it. You can also adjust the difficulty for your pet to make it even more challenging.

  • This product provides a long time of mental stimulation – think of this device as a puzzle. Your pooch is going to have to make a mental effort to get the reward which is treats in this case. This way, you can see your pup improve intellectually.
  • It obliges your dog to perform physical exercises to get the treat- physical activity will sharpen acuity for your canine.
  • You can use Bob-A-Lot in addition to Starmark Pro-Training Treats or any other treat that your pet prefers during the training session.
  • This product is useful to avoid destructive boredom behaviors. A bored dog will resort to chewing stuff from its surrounding—this device is going to give the pup something to munch on instead of your furniture.
  • Bob-A-Lot has an anti-slip bottom – It allows your pup to sway it back and forth without the device rolling all over the room. For other feeders, they always end up dwelling all over the place and get stuck under furniture or any other unreachable place.
  • The Starmark team weighted the product at the bottom – this feature makes the bottom wobble back and forth. as your furry friend will push Bob-A-Lot around with his nose and/or paws. As it bobs from place to place, kibble or treats will frequently fall from the hole on the side.
  • The material of this item is hard plastic- this feature makes it a little bit noisy, but the noise is tolerable. It does not make any noise on the wooden floor and the soft floor, carpet. And most users of this product tolerate the sound, yet this is a relative thing.
  • It is sturdy and more durable – regarding its goal, which it is to feed and the sturdiness of the hard plastic. This device can last long.
  • The team of Starmark manufactured this product with safe material and in the USA.
  • The product helps your canine to stay busy and enjoy his time alone.
  • There are two sizes for this product: large, 6 x 6 x 8.5 inches; 1 pound, and small, 5 x 4.5 x 11 inches; 1.54 pounds – the large size fits for 3 cups or an entire meal while the small size fits for one cup.
  • It keeps your dog busy and distracted – your dog is going to learn how to spend quality time alone doing his stuff, and this is very useful in canine therapy.
Bob A Lot Dog Toy Review

How To Use It?

The usage of this item is a cake. So, mainly you unscrew the top, and you put the treats on top. Then, all you have to do is adjusting the little switch inside of the opening so you can pull to the preferred size. So treats will not come out too quickly. 

There is another switch like this on the side of the toy where the treats come out. Then alter the door opening on the bottom of the product, and there you go.

The adjustable opening of the product allows you to filter what to put inside it and how much. Also, it gives you a variety of option in both sizes and types.

For cleaning, remove the yellow top part. Under which you will find the rotating elements that allow you to adjust the extent of the opening for different food/treat bulks. All you need is clean it by soaking it in soapy hot water and rinsing it.

In case you are afraid of the impact of the detergent on your canine, and you are right. Also, whether the soap will stay in there or not, you can throw hot water and vinegar, then shake it and rinse it thoroughly. After that, turn it upside down on a drainer and leave it dry overnight.

Pros & Cons



It is useful to slow down fast eaters


It has a challenging adjustable level


It has an anti-slip bottom


It is an interactive toy and a feeder


It offers mental and physical stimulation



It takes time to fill up 3 cups


You will find difficulty cleaning it


There is a chance of your pup breaking it ( if it gets thrown from a high place)


It does not dry fast


This toy provides a wide variety as aforementioned in this bob a lot dog toy review. Whether about the sizes or the way of using it. If you own a small puppy, you can purchase the small size. But if you have a big dog, you can go to the large one.

The Bob-A-Lot is a Weeble Wobble feeder from Starmark. It is manufactured in the united states with a long-lasting and safe material. This toy targets fast eaters to regulate the amount of food your canine is receiving.

The product helps you stimulate your dog mentally and physically and improve his intellectual ability. It adds fun to the feeding process and helps in solving issues as boredom.

This item aims both the owner and the dog. So they interact better and in a fun way. It has an elevated and straightforward design. Yet it is easy to be used. And it is easy to train your furry friend on it.

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